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HiggyBucks Reward Points

What are HiggyBucks?

HiggyBucks are the reward points you earn simply by being a Higgy's customer! There is no sign up necessary. The moment you register as a customer on our website, you will start earning HiggyBucks! You can then redeem your HiggyBucks towards purchases on our website at any time. Your HiggyBucks do not expire.

How do I earn HiggyBucks?

There are several ways to earn HiggyBucks, and, as we continue to develop the system, we will offer more, fun, and exciting ways for you to rack up lots of HiggyBucks in no time flat! As of now, you can earn the following HiggyBucks for these actions:

  1. 1. Registering an account on our site: Immediately earn 50 HiggyBucks!
  2. 2. Purchasing any product on For every $1 you spend on = 1 HiggyBuck.
  3. 3. Leaving a review about any product you have purchased on Earn 50 HiggyBucks!
  4. 4. Purchasing a V.I.P. or a V.I.P.+1 subscription: Earn DOUBLE the HiggyBucks!

How do I redeem HiggyBucks?

During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to apply some or all of the HiggyBucks you have earned towards your purchase. For every 25 HiggyBucks you have earned, that's $1 in cold hard cash you can spend at!

Can I redeem HiggyBucks for cash?

No, we are sorry. You can only redeem your HiggyBucks for merchandise available on