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About Higgy's


We are so glad you're here! Higgy's is a husband and wife team based out of Metro-Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.  We specialize in freshly-roasted, flavor-infused, single origin coffees and unique flavoring concentrates.  All of our recipes are designed by us to taste exactly like what they are described as.

All of our concentrates are mixed in a lab using high quality Food Grade ingredients.  They are perfect for flavoring cookies, candy, cakes, drinks, creams and more!  Use them sparingly!  A little goes a LONG way!

All of our coffees are fresh roasted when you order them, so it may take a day or two before they are shipped.  You can order the coffee unflavored, or you can choose one of our signature flavors to be infused into the beans during the roasting process!  We do not offer our Sumatra in flavors, because, well, it's Sumatra, and the rich earthy tones of the Sumatran bean shouldn't be competing with anything, in our opinion.

Don't forget to try our unique Sumatran Steak Rub!  Made with a blend of spices and finely ground Sumatra, it will bring out the best of any beef, chicken, pork or fish dishes you cook!

Welcome to the HiggyFamily!  When we make the best for us, we make the best for you!