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Terms & Conditions

When placing your order, you agree that you are of legal smoking age where you currently reside. 

We understand that e-juice and tastes are extremely subjective and not everyone is going to be happy with every flavor.  We also understand that it can take a lot of experimentation while you decide what flavor(s) you like.  Juice flavors are a personal preference, and it can take several tries to get a flavor just the way you like it.  We highly recommend you purchase 10 or 15ml bottles while you are experimenting with your flavor, and then purchase the larger sizes once you've found something you really like.  Because we know this, we will offer a ONE TIME replacement on any bottle of HiggyJuice that you don't like.  We reserve the right to decide if and when you are abusing this policy, and refuse to replace future bottles.  Because your HiggyJuice is made-to-order, we cannot offer refunds on HiggyJuice.

We aim to provide personalized service to all of our customers and will be willing to work with you should you experience any trouble using the products you've purchased from us.  Please give us a call or send us an email and let us help you resolve any problems.


VIP Program Terms of Service

Upon your registration and purchase of VIP Subscription, you acknowledge the following:


I am 21 or older and of legal age and status to vape in the area I reside. I hereby hold HiggyCigs, LLC harmless if this is found to be contrary. I understand that if this circumstance should occur, my account will be disabled without refund.


The VIP Program is an annual purchase. This account is not upgraded until activation by an administrator.  Upon activation of your account, you will be given an expiration date of your subscription. This date is based on the date of the activation date, which may differ from the order date. If the date of your expiration is reached without renewal, all benefits of this service will cease. Any rewards or credits that you have collected during the course of the subscription will be retained to the best of our abilities, but will not be guaranteed or insured, nor will they have any actual value beyond, unless designated with business partners or associates of HiggyCigs, LLC. Rewards and store credits cannot be redeemed or sold for currency at any time.


Once purchased, you may opt out at any time by sending an email to requesting your account disabled or status removed. There will be no refund of your purchase in legal currency, reward points or store credit. HiggyCigs, LLC will not be held liable for this loss.


There is no guarantee written or implied that HiggyCigs, LLC will be able to fulfill your membership benefits to expiration, nor that our services are always available. HiggyCigs, LLC will not be held responsible for the failure to fulfill this service due to, but not limited to, loss of data, loss of service, loss of business, bankruptcy or other unforeseen circumstance.


The VIP Program is a discount subscription service and does not represent a binding contract with HiggyCigs, LLC. Your membership may be revoked at any time for any reason by HiggyCigs, LLC. If such action is enforced, you agree to hold HiggyCigs, LLC harmless and will not seek action against HiggyCigs, LLC, legal or otherwise, nor will you expect a refund of your purchase.


I agree not to share my account credentials (login/password) with others. I understand that if I do share my credentials and this is discovered, my account will be disabled without refund.


I understand this document may be amended with or without direct notification. The current document will be made available at I agree to these modifications as well.