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What if I’m a non-smoker?

What is PG and VG?

What Nicotine Level Should I Use?

Isn’t Nicotine Bad For You?

How Do I Cut My Nicotine?

Once I Replace the Traditional Tobacco Cigarette with an E-Cigarette, am I Still A Smoker?

Can I Really Vape Anywhere?!

What is the difference between tank, RDA, RTA. a Squonker and a closed system?

What is a "Mod" and what different types of "Mods" are there?

When should I change out the atomizer head?

Why do you have so many flavors and so many options? Why do you have so few tobacco flavors?

I've been hearing a lot of talk about the FDA trying to kill vaping?  Is this true?

What does this mean for HiggyCigs?  For my local vape shop?

Why do you require that we upload our Driver's License to have an account?

But I enjoy vaping!  What is being done to save the industry?  How can I help?

What if I’m a non-smoker?
If you are currently using a tobacco product, we highly recommend e-cigarettes.  The Royal College of Physicians has found that they believe the use of vapor products is AT LEAST 95% safer than smoking a traditional cigarette.  If you do not smoke, chew, etc., you may consider a ZERO nicotine HiggyJuice (yes, that is an option.) If you are not addicted to nicotine now, stay that way!

What is PG and VG?
PG is Propylene Glycol, a non-toxic ingredient used in most extracts, food colorings, toothpaste, cough syrup and many other things that you already eat. It is even an ingredient used in Infant Tylenol®. There are studies showing that PG has been used in hospitals, in vapor form, to disinfect the air! Cases of airborne illnesses were drastically reduced in wards that used PG in the ventilation systems as early as the 1940’s! See examples of these articles on our Facebook page: HiggyCigs

VG is Vegetable Glycerine, which is extracted from vegetables and is used in many food products as well, for the same applications as PG.

PG is thin and watery. VG is very thick. PG produces a very thin vapor, where VG produces thick clouds! VG in heavy concentrations will also clog up your atomizer and sometimes “feel” heavy as you vape. We generally recommend a 70-75% concentration of VG. However, new vapers may prefer higher ratios of PG, as this gives you the feeling of a traditional tobacco cigarette without all that nasty stuff!

There are very rare cases of PG allergies. If you have adverse reactions to PG, you should reduce your PG. Maximum VG is available and recommended for these rare situations. We recommend you start out with 75% VG and experiment up and down from there.  What works best for you may not work for the next guy, and that's okay. It's all about finding your perfect e-liquid.

What Nicotine Level Should I Use?
This answer can vary greatly depending on the device you are using.  Most devices out today are considered "subohm" devices. This means that the resistance of the heating element is below 1.0 ohm. Subohm devices allow the nicotine to be felt harsher with lower amounts.  If your device has a resistance above 1.0 ohm, it is more likely that you will need a much higher level of nicotine in your juice.  The ratio we've found is about 1:4.  For every mg of nicotine that satisfies you on a subohm device, you will need about 4x that amount to achieve the same effect on a non-subohm device.  

So where do you start? If you are a pack-a-day full flavor cigarette smoker, we recommend starting at 24mg non-subohm and 6mg for subohm. If you smoke 2 packs of full flavor cigarettes a day, try starting out at 24mg (or 6mg, depending on your device), and then increase it if you feel it’s not working for you. We will not mix any first time users at above 24mg. We will only agree to up to 36mg on a case-by-case basis. Basically, this is our finding of standard traditional cigarettes:

  • Very Strong : 36mg (9mg for subohm)
  • Strong : 30mg (about 7mg for subohm)
  • Regular : 24mg (6mg for subohm)
  • Medium : 18mg (about 4mg for subohm)
  • Light : 12mg (3mg for subohm)
  • Ultra-Light : 6mg (1.5mg for subohm)

This is the amount of nicotine you are taking in daily based on a pack-a-day, and the amount of nicotine that will be in 1ml of your HiggyJuice. If you find yourself still craving the analog, you should try increasing the nicotine level (see exceptions below.) However, intaking too much nicotine can cause reactions such as elevated heart rate, anxiety, and panic attacks. This is why we recommend starting at no more than 24mg. If you need more, we’ll give you more, up to 36mg.

Isn’t Nicotine Bad For You?
Nicotine gets a bad rap because it’s primary delivery system has been cigarettes for ages. It’s not the nicotine in cigarettes that is so harmful, it’s the tar - and the some 4,000 other carcinogens contained in cigarette smoke. Nicotine is very similar to caffeine, actually. Both are stimulants and extremely poisonous in large amounts and in its raw form. However, in small doses, like coffee, soda, or tobacco products, the small amounts of caffeine and nicotine ingested by your body are rather harmless. Some argue that they are even helpful, as they can make you more alert, more focused and even increase memory and concentration. (

  • If you have heart issues or high blood pressure, you should reduce your nicotine.
  • If you have diabetes, you should know that nicotine acts like sugar in your bloodstream, so it should be a goal to cut down your nicotine ASAP!
  • If you do not have any of these issues, nicotine’s primary issue is the addiction and withdrawal. Cutting it back is always a good thing.

How Do I Cut My Nicotine?
In the case of diabetics, we recommend, instead of a 30ml bottle, asking for two 15ml bottles - one standard or low nic level and the other ZERO nicotine. Keep them in separate tanks or RDA's and switch around. Use the zero as much as possible. Another method is gradual reduction. You can choose any level of nicotine on our site in 2mg increments, from 24mg down to 6mg, in 1mg increments from 6mg to 2mg, and in 0.5mg increments below that. Step it down as slowly as you need to, if this is the case for you. Remember, most of the addiction with smoking products is the physical act of smoking. With HiggyCigs, you can still satisfy your craving of holding and inhaling, without actually “smoking” anything!

Once I Replace the Traditional Tobacco Cigarette with an E-Cigarette, am I Still A Smoker?
NO. Congratulations! You should now proudly proclaim yourself a NON-SMOKER! You are now a VAPER. Welcome to the family! :)  You are now part of a vast network of people who absolutely LOVE helping other vapers.  Check out the links in the footer to see where you can view live webcasts completely dedicated to vaping!

Can I Really Vape Anywhere?!
Yes and no. You can vape in some restaurants and bars. We are seeing more and more places that are putting up signs prohibiting e-cigarettes. We hope that, as more and more research is done, these places realize how silly this rule is. Many vapers have made arrangements with their bosses to vape in their office! 

HiggyJuice produces a light, pleasant odor, if any, and depending on the flavor you mix. What is exhaled is vapor, no matter how much it looks like smoke! The vape you exhale dissipates almost immediately, and there is no residual buildup of any substance on you, your teeth, or the windows and objects around you. (Although high VG vapers may experience a cloudy film that collects on windows.  This is normal with VG.)

  • Theaters may ask you to put it away.
  • Most airline flights do not allow you to vape.
  • We refuse to encourage use during Church, but that is between you, your congregation and God!
  • France is working on bans of E-Cigarettes, as are parts of California and New York. Our recommendation is to evacuate these regions as quickly as possible. :)

There is always a risk that someone somewhere will frown or call you out for smoking. When this happens, most of the time a polite explanation will calm the worst. When in doubt, remember, jerks are a dime a dozen.

What is the difference between tank, RDA, RTA. a Squonker and a closed system?
Closed systems:  These are devices that have a cartridge you install on the battery.  They are disposable, non-refillable, and need to be replaced often, depending on how much you vape.  This are most commonly used with "cigalikes" - which are the devices that most closely resemble the size of a traditional cigarette.

Tank:  This is something that holds several mililiters of e-liquid and slowly feeds juice into an atomizer.  They are refillable, and the atomizer (or "coil") can be replaced as needed, again, depending on how much you vape.  The ohm resistance on the coil is set by the manufacturer.  A variety of resistances is usually available for most every tank available.  It's up to you to experiment and decide what resistance you prefer.  Average coil life is 2-3 weeks, but can vary GREATLY depending on how much you vape, what wattage you vape at, and what type of e-liquid you use.  Coils come in a variety of material, including Kanthal, NiChrome, Nickel, and Titanium.  Each type of material may require a specific setting on your device.  We encourage you to understand these differences before using them.  Ask your local vape shop to explain it to you.  They may assume you already know.  If they do not know, please don't hesitate to ask us!  We are happy to educate!

RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer:  This is very similar to a tank, however, instead of a replaceable coil, you have a component that you can disassemble, and build your own coils, and install your own wicking material.  The advantage to this is that you build the coil yourself, so you can decide what ohm resistance your tank will operate at.  We do not recommend this type of device for beginners.  Learning to coil on your own takes a lot of experience and knowledge of Ohm's Law to be safe about it.  Please do your research and have someone else teach you how to do this!

RDA:  Rebuildable Deck Atomizer or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer:  This is generally considered "advanced" vaping.  It is not recommended for beginners.  With this method, you have an open deck with which you install coils you build yourself, wicks you've installed yourself using a variety of wicking methods, and you drip your e-liquid onto the coils directly and vape on it until the cotton is dry.  Depending on the RDA and device you are using, you may get anywhere from 3 - 15 puffs off your device before needing to redrip your e-liquid onto the coils.  You might be thinking, "Well, that sounds like a pain, why would I do that?"  The fact is that this method is most definitely more cumbersome, but you get bigger clouds and more flavor with an RDA than you will with a tank. Technology has certainly advanced to the point where there are tanks out there that have enough power to simulate the flavor and cloud intensity of "Dripping" so, again, it's all a personal preference.  Please do not attempt to vape with this method without the proper guidance!  Misuse of these devices are the highest with RDA setups, and you can cause your device to short out and your battery to vent, causing an explosion!  Don't be a statistic!  

Squonkers:  These devices are an interesting combination of a tank and a dripper.  They are still considered "advanced" vaping, because you still have a Rebuildable Deck Atomizer attached to your device, however the deck has a hole drilled through the bottom which is attached to a small bottle of e-liquid built into the device itself.  Squeezing the bottle feeds juice up into the deck, wets the wicks and coils, and then sucks the excess e-liquid back into the bottle when you let go.  So you get all the advantages of flavor intensity and clouds of a Dripper, with the added convenience of a tank because extra juice is stored in the built in bottle that you don't need to refill as often as you would a conventional RDA.

Remember, your vaping journey is ALL YOUR OWN!  We only ask that you are SAFE and be well-educated on any device before you use it!  Again, if your local vape shop can't help you, feel free to contact us!  We are here to help!

What is a "Mod" and what different types of "Mods" are there?
"Mods" are basically the battery pack.  This is what will power your Atomizer, be it a tank, RDA, or otherwise.

Self-Contained, Internal, or Non-Removable: This type of mod is usually a "regulated" device.  Regulated means that there are safety measures built in that won't allow it to be used if the battery life has reached a particular point, or it won't fire if the Atomizer attached to it has an ohm reading below the specs for that device.  These devices come in both a standard wattage output or a variable wattage output where the user can adjust how many watts the device uses when fired. It is rechargeable, usually via a standard USB Micro cord, and the internal battery is not removeable.   Like any rechargeable battery, it can only be recharged so many times before the battery will no longer hold a charge, and it must be replaced.

Regulated, Removable Battery:  These types of devices are probably the most popular.  Like the Internal battery devices, they are regulated, in that they will not operate once the battery reaches a certain level of discharge, and, depending on the device, will not fire if the atomizer connected to it has a resistance below the device's specification.  They also come with Standard Wattage output and Variable Wattage output, where the user can customize how many watts the device puts out upon firing. Non-variable voltage devices may or may not have a readout screen, whereas Variable Voltage devices will always have a readout screen so you can see what the settings are. However, unlike an internal battery device, these batteries can be removed and must be purchased separately. Generally speaking, they will use Lithium-Ion batteries in either an 18650 or a 26650 size.  Your device may use one, two, or even three batteries at a time.  The advantage of this type of device is that you can have several sets of batteries, so when one set goes dead, you can put a fresh set in, and put the dead ones on an external battery charger, with no down time on your device.  This also will extend the life of your device, if treated properly, it will never "die" - all you have to do is put new batteries in it!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is always advisable to recharge your batteries on an external battery charger designed for rechargeable Li-ion batteries, and not in the device itself, even if the manufacturer's instructions say it's safe to do so.

MORE IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you have a device that uses more than one battery, it is IMPERATIVE that you "marry" the batteries and NEVER unpair them.  "Marrying" a set of batteries means that you put them together when they are new and you ALWAYS discharge and recharge them together.  This ensures that the two batteries will stay in sync with each other for the life of the batteries.  Devices with batteries that are not married, and are discharging at different rates can short out and malfunction, causing the batteries to vent.  Don't be a statistic!  It is however, okay to use a married set of batteries in more than one device, if you have multiple mods that are, say, 2-battery devices, as long as you always use them together.  We suggest labeling the batteries or wrapping them with approved battery wraps in different colors per married set so you never confuse them.

Unregulated, Removable battery:  This device does NOT have any regulated features on it.  It won't tell you when the battery is low, it won't have a readout as to what wattage it's using, and the vape experience is all about the build on the RDA.  This is not a beginner device.  It is not advised to use a tank with pre-built coils on these devices.  Please educate yourself before purchasing this type of device.

Tube Mod or Mech Mod:  This is very similar to the unregulated devices, but in the shape of a tube.  Again, this is not a beginner device.  There are no safety measures built into this device, no screen readouts, and no indicators of wattage, ohms or battery life.  Please do not use this type of device without being very knowledgeable about Ohm's Law, building coils, and battery safety!

When should I change out the atomizer head?
This can vary greatly depending on how much you use it, how much voltage you use, and the type of flavor in your HiggyJuice. When you begin to taste a "burnt" flavor or it becomes increasingly difficult to draw on it, it is most likely time to change your coil. Always try to refill your tank if the juice drops below ⅓ full. If your coils are permitted to get too dry, you may inadvertently burn the cotton inside, causing you to have to replace your coil prematurely.  However, on average, you should expect to change your coils out every 2-3 weeks.  Less, if you vape at extremely high wattages or you use e-liquids that are very creamy and tend to "clog" the atomizer.

The flavor of juice you choose can affect your atomizer. Flavorings that are dark in color are “heavier” and will tend to clog up your atomizer head faster than the lighter colors. We try to find flavors that are colorless or near colorless to avoid just that, but there are certain flavors out there that are dark no matter who you buy them from.  You can also tell your atomizer head is starting to get burnt out when you notice that your HiggyJuice begins to change colors and get darker when it’s in the tank, even if you just refilled it and have only taken a few puffs.

Why do you have so many flavors and so many options? Why do you have so few tobacco flavors?
In our experience, most vapers may start off with tobacco, because they want their experience to resemble smoking an actual cigarette as much as possible. However, MOST people end up preferring the fruity and sweet flavors over tobacco flavors. We keep a few tobacco flavors on hand for those who do prefer them, but we know that, once you try out some of these other flavors, most of you will be hooked! So experiment your heart out!  Your HiggyJuice is YOURS and no one else's.  You get to design your e-liquid exactly the way you want it!

I've been hearing a lot of talk about the FDA trying to kill vaping?  Is this true?
In short, yes.  On May 10, 2016, the FDA released the "Deeming Regs," a 499-page document that now classifies all e-cigarette devices, or Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), as tobacco products.  These regulations went into effect officially on August 8, 2016.  No new products can enter the market without prior approval from the FDA. Products that were already on the market can stay on the market for the next two years. The FDA is now requiring that every product not on the market before February 15, 2007 must go through a very expensive and lengthy Pre-Market Tobacco Approval process, or PMTA.  These PMTA's can cost well over a MILLION dollars, PER ITEM, due to all the external testing that needs to be done to file the PMTA, and even if there were enough time to do the testing (there isn't), there's no guarantee that the FDA will approve it.  The FDA has given the vaping industry 2 years to file their PMTA's (clinical trials routinely take at least 4 years), and then they've given themselves 1 year to review the PMTA's.  Any product that has not filed a PMTA by August 8, 2018 can no longer be sold.  Any product that has filed a PMTA has until August 8, 2019 to be approved by the FDA, or it cannot be sold.  Anyone manufacturing what are now considered "Tobacco Products" must register as a Tobacco Manufacturer by December 31, 2016.

What does this mean for HiggyCigs?  For my local vape shop?
Well, we can't put any new flavors on the market.  What you see here is all there is.  Fortunately, we put a lot of them out there, so you're bound to find something you like! :) For your local vape shops, this means that they can no longer build coils for you, they can no longer rewick your device, and they can no longer show you how to work your device unless you've already purchased it. They can only replace your coils for you if you've already purchased the coil. There also is a "No free samples" rule, meaning that we can no longer offer giveaways and your local vape shop can no longer allow you to taste their selection of e-liquids without charging a nominal fee first.  If things are allowed to stay as they are right now, HiggyCigs will not be able to survive past August 8, 2018.

Why do you require that we upload our Driver's License to have an account?
The FDA Deeming Regulations have now made any and all sales to persons under the age of 18 strictly forbidden.  In some states, like California, they've designated the minimum age to vape is 21. More and more local vape shops will begin installing Driver's License scanners to verify your ID before they will even talk to you, and online retailers are required to have something more substantial than a simple "Are over 18?" one-click gateway.  There are 3rd party Age Verification Systems that we are looking into, but they are, in our opinion, EXTREMELY invasive, requiring more information than we deem is necessary just to shop on our site.  Sending us an image of your Driver's License is a much more simple process, and you are welcome to mark out any information you are uncomfortable sharing, like the DL number.  All we need to see is that your name, your address and your birthdate match that on your account. Without this proof, we cannot legally sell to you.  The image you upload is just as secure as the credit card information you enter on our site when making a purchase.

But I enjoy vaping!  What is being done to save the industry?  How can I help?
I'm glad you asked, because there are LOTS of things you can do RIGHT NOW to help save vaping! But it's going to involve some action on your part. It is past time to be complacent about this. The fight is on, and it's going to be an epic battle.  We need your help to win it!

Contact your local State Representative:

Go to and find out who your local Representative is.  Contact them, either via phone, email, letter, or face-to-face meeting.  Hand written letters and phone calls get more attention than emails. We've had the politicians tell us this directly. Tell them how vaping has improved your life.  Urge them to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment of the Agricultural Appropriations Bill.  This Amendment will change the predicate date from February 15, 2007 to August 8, 2016, which means that all products currently on the market now can stay on the market without having to get Pre-Market Approval from the FDA.  This is NOT a solution.  This only buys us more time and prevents 99% of the vaping industry from going out of business. You can also urge them to support HR 2058, another bill designed to change the predicate date, but this is a stand-alone bill that has not garnered enough bi-partisan support to have any real traction yet.  The Cole-Bishop Amendment is attached to a much larger Agricultural bill and has more chance of being passed.  But support on both bills certainly can't hurt!  You never know until you ask!

Follow Senator Ron Johnson on Twitter @SenRonJohnson and on Facebook SenRonJohnson

Sen. Ron Johnson is the Director of the Homeland Security Government Overreach Program.  He has contacted the FDA THREE TIMES asking for their justification for these regulations that he finds extremely unfair, asking for their evidence on how many small businesses will be forced to close and how public health will be adversely affected.  The Senator has gone largely ignored by the FDA. Since then, 7 more Senators have gotten on board with Sen. Johnson and are demanding answers from the FDA.  Let him know you support his efforts against the FDA!


The Consumer Advocate for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping save the vaping industry.  Joining CASAA is free, but I'm sure they would be thrilled if you could make a donation to their cause!  They will notify you if there is legislation in your area that you need to take action on.  They oftentimes will give you a pre-formatted letter (they ask you to customize it) and then will send said email to your respective politicians in your name.

See if you have a State Smoke-Free Association

Many states have a Smoke-Free Association (SFA.)  Georgia has the GSFA, Tennessee has the TSFA, Kentucky the KSFA, Utah the UTSFA, Ohio the OHSFA, Indiana has Hoosier Vapers, and so on.  A quick Google search ought to turn up an SFA in your state.  If you have one, JOIN IT!  They are generally not much.  Here in Georgia, it's only $30/year.  This way you will stay up-to-date on what's happening at both the state and federal levels with the vaping industry.

Join Facebook Vaping groups

There are, quite literally, hundreds, thousands, probably more like tens of thousands of vaping groups on Facebook.  Join them, as many of them as you can stand.  Important announcements and articles will show up in your news feed every day.  If you can find groups specific to your state, those will be best to join so you can see how you can be involved, too.

Support the Right 2 B Smoke-Free Coalition

Ten different vendors and advocacy groups came together to form the Right 2 B Smoke-Free Coalition.  They are:

  1. Cosmic Fog
  2. Mount Baker Vapor
  3. NicQuid
  4. VaporShark
  5. CASAA Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association
  6. SFATA Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association
  7. AVA American Vaping Association
  9. SEVIA USA Shenzhen E-Vapor Industry Association USA
  10. AEMSA American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association

They filed a lawsuit against the FDA, listing the following 11 Plaintiffs:

  1. Right 2 B Smoke-Free Coalition
  2. AEMSA American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association
  3. AVA American Vaping Association
  4. Electronic Vaping Coalition of America
  5. GSFA Georgia Smoke-Free Association
  6. KSFA Kentucky Smoke-Free Association
  7. LVA Louisiana Vaping Association
  8. Maryland Vape Professionals, LLC
  9. OHVTA Ohio Vapor Trade Association
  10. New Jersey Vapor Retailers Coalition
  11. TSFA Tennessee Smoke-Free Association

And they need your help! Federal Court Judge Amy Breman Jackson has been assigned to this case and she has combined the R2B's lawsuit with another lawsuit filed by NicoPure Labs back in May, 2016.  The first hearing is set to be heard on October 19, 2016. Lobbyists and Lawyers cost money!  The ONLY way to win this is going to be through Lobbyists and Lawyers!  Only Congress has the power to overturn these Regulations!  Judge Jackson has the power to rule that these regulations are Unconsitutional.  The battle is going to be EPIC!


Updated August 19, 2016