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Video Reviews

As the video reviews begin coming in, we wanted a place to keep them together. Here we will keep a collection of all HiggyCigs video reviews in reverse order of creation (the latest video will be on top!)

The THIRD Review from Vape Fanatic! He tried Higgy's Honeydew! Spoiler: He didn't like the flavor. Still, he seems to like us and we want honest reviews! Honeysuckle just isn't for everyone, particularly if you're expecting a sweet honeydew! ;)

The Second Review from Vape Fanatic! This time he is covering Peanut Butter Buster! He took the HiggyCigs philosophy seriously and asked for us to add Strawberry (heck yeah, you can do that!)

A New Review from Kriswixx!! He reviews Sweet Winterberry, Peanut Butter Buster & Misty's Neapolitan ice cream!

This just in from Vape Fanatic reviewing Citrus Punch!

Our First YouTube Video Review! Zombill reviews Higgy's Code Red, Joie's Georgia Peach, Higgy's Nuttin' Custard and Higgy's Fuzzy Navel!

Note that after this review, we did increase the cherry in our Code Red!