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Based on 15 reviews. - 15 reviews

A recipe created by Jenn on her first DIY show! Apples, Cinnamon, Cake, and Cara...

Based on 6 reviews. - 6 reviews

Like the picture shows, this is a cinnamon bun recipe, without a glaze.  We...

Based on 13 reviews. - 13 reviews

Our newest seasonal flavor, Higgy's Christmas Spice! This blend of apples and sp...

Based on 13 reviews. - 13 reviews

Fried bread sprinkled in sugar and cinnamon, topped with whipped and ice cream! ...

Based on 1 reviews. - 1 review

Unlike our "Cinnamon Red Hots" flavor, this is like true cinnamon, without that ...

Based on 4 reviews. - 4 reviews

A spicy, firey flavor, just like the candy! Except this won't burn your tongue o...

Based on 13 reviews. - 13 reviews

Current Single Origin Bean is Brazilian. Coffee beans roasted to perfect...

Based on 0 reviews. - no reviews

Current Haff-Caff Single Origin Bean is Guatamalan.  Coffee beans roaste...